Kai Hsieh

Corporate Controller

Kai Hsieh is currently Corporate Controller at Starpoint Properties.  As Corporate Controller, Kai maintains the corporate ledgers and manages the accounting department, ensuring complete and accurate income and expense accounting, reconciliations and monthly closings for company’s portfolio of properties (Multi-family & Commercial) and corporate entities through analysis of financial statements.   Kai has an extensive background in real estate accounting and commercial property management, which spans over the past 18 years.

Prior to joining Starpoint Properties, Kai spent over 10 years serving as Controller for premier Los Angeles developers such as AVG Partners and Dominium Management Corporation, whose developments include some of the most prestigious commercial buildings in California.  Kai also served as Associate Professor of Business Accounting at Fremont College, a career college that specializes in training military veterans for opportunities in various business fields.  Kai began his career with the Horowitz Group, a private real estate company that develops and owns over 100 commercial and industrial properties throughout California.

Kai received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from University of California, San Diego.   He received his Master of Business Administration in Management and Business Law from California State University, Northridge.